Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Tool Man

We ran some errands today with my mom(Marnee as Colt calls her). We went and ate some yummy Rex's chicken and then stopped by target and a couple other places. Marnee bought Colt a toolbench. He absolutely loves it. He has been playing with it since we got home. I have a feeling he will be trying to sleep in his hard hat and safety glasses.
I've been in a cooking mood latelly. Colton and I had some yummy chicken and peppers quesadillas the other day and then I've been making egg,bacon and cheese burritos for breakfast. I've been trying alot of new and different things latelly. Some turn into keepers and others...not so much. Its a learning process. I'm just tired of cooking the same ole stuff all the time so Jay is going to have to open his tastebuds to some new flavors because I have gone way too long without using the ingredients that I love!! :)

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