Monday, December 27, 2010

Dinner, Presents and a Wedding

On Christmas day we went over to Jay's moms house. He was still feeling ill and he had called to let her know and he said she sounded very upset until he said that we were still coming. I thought it was alittle strange that she would be upset, I mean sad yes but upset no. So off we went to his moms house to eat Christmas dinner(well was 12:30pm). We get there and everything in the living room is rearranged differently than normal and so we take some pictures in front of the tree and then there is a quiet knock at the door. His mom goes to answer it and its a man. The way the house is set up is so that there are two living areas separated by a doorway and we were in the furthest one from the door but you could hear and barely see what was going on. So he comes in and he introduces his wife to Maggie(my MIL) and I'm standing there thinking who is this person. His mom didn't say anything about anyone other than the grandparents being there so who is he? And if she invited him to dinner why doesn't she already know who his wife is? Why did she just ask if he needed anything? No he doesn't need anything but to change into his coat? What? Shouldn't he need to just take his coat off from coming in from outside? Wait a minute? What? No way? Seriously? O.M.G!!! It all starts to come together in my mind so I run over to Jay and whisper in his ear....I think your mom is fixing to get married!!!! He just looks at me like huh? So then she walks past us and she looks at me and I look at her and we are both giving each other that look like we know whats going on but not saying anything. So then she says 'You'll find out in a minute' and I of course have to open my big mouth with 'I think I already know'. She was like 'Aw man Kristin already figured it out!'. HA HA. Oops. Sorry. So then after the guy comes back into the room with his wife, Maggie gets the bible out and lays it on the table and says we are going to do things a little different this year....We are getting MARRIED!! :) So yeah we had a surprise wedding on Christmas Day. Maggie and David have been together for like 15 years just never tied the knot so it was a great special surprise. We are super happy for them. I was very honored that they chose us to be there for the special moment in their lives.

We enjoyed a wedding, ate dinner, had wedding cake, and opened presents. What better way to spend Christmas Day!

Christmas Spirit

Wow! What a week! We had a pretty good Christmas. We went to my parents house on Thursday evening to celebrate with my side of the family. It was fun. I love spending time with my parents. Maybe because when I was younger I never wanted to be there and now that I'm older and have a family of my own I appreciate them so much more. I don't know what I would ever do if I didn't have them. It would absolutely crush me. Sob Sob Okay moving on.....
My sister and her kids were there so it was a full house. Lots of delicious food, great gifts and lots of love shared! My poor husband though, his sinuses and allergies were bothering him really bad. I ended up having to push us out the door to leave because I could tell how miserable he was feeling. :( He very rarely gets sick and when he does he hardly ever complains.

I was worried about how our Christmas was going to turn out but it was good. Jay had enough energy in him to get Coltons bike put together when we got home from my parents and then we called it a night. We had decided to have our little family Christmas on Friday morning(Christmas Eve) so that we would have the entire day to just lounge around and play with all the presents. Colton woke us up around 8am so we laid in bed and let him go discover what Santa had brought. The previous night after I had gotten in bed Jay brought me my glass of water and told me I could NOT leave the bedroom all night long so I was banned to my room. ha ha. Santa had some tricks up his sleeve. So when we came into the living room to see what Santa brought Colton I found out he had also left a surprise for me. A BIKE! I've been wanting this bike for many months now but I didn't know Jay knew which one it was. I had briefly pointed it out when we were out shopping for presents once but he didn't stop and look at it so I didn't think he had even noticed it. It was a great present!! Thanks Santa! I also got some awesome cozy socks, a cute pink camera case, and a itunes gift card that I was secretly hoping for! Now for my nerdy gift I received that was super awesome was the Harry Potter Bluray disc-set!! I love LOVE Love all the HP movies but only have 3 on DVD and the rest on VHS so getting them ALL on bluray ROCKS my WORLD! :)
I've been watching one every night.

Oh yeah you probably want to know what Colton got huh? :) He also got a bike and helmet from Santa. He got a desk/chair that he can use to eat at or color and Pinocchio movie. Mommy and Daddy got him Toy Story potato head set(has woody, buzz, potato head, and Jessie characters), TS alien, TS Hamm, TS Rex, 3 sets of PJ's, slippers, 2 ice age movies, a woody and bullseye, and some clothes. He had a great Christmas.
Jay got some movies, disc golf basket, a snow shovel, OU jacket, ipod speaker, and games.
We opened all the presents and then I went and got us some breakfast. We ate and then Jay was feeling bad so he took a nap and I took Colton out to my parents to get my camera that I had left there. We stayed for a couple of hours and ate leftovers. Jay was able to get a good nap in and when we came home we watched his new movies. It was a nice day together just wish he would of felt better. I'll write about our other Christmas celebration in another post later. My sexy hubs just got home! :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I couldn't sleep this morning. I had a dream that I overslept and woke up at 10:15 which is the same time I'm suppose to meet my friend this morning for church. So...I'm not taking any chances. I'm taking it as a warning like I should of done in my dream when I woke up at 6:15 and decided to go back to sleep! :)  I'm really excited for today. The only thing planned is church but my lovely ladies Diana and Tracey will be meeting me there and my friend Jessie who I've grown up with is going to be coming for the first time! I'm so ecstatic. I want her to see my church and see if its the right fit for her. When I went for the first time I LOVED it!! At first because its so big it is a bit overwhelming. I went to a church growing up where everyone knew your name and your business. At this church you are lucky if you see the same people twice. There was something about it though. I was captivated by the music and the love that you could/can truly feel surround you while you're there. It just felt like home to me from the very start. I've been hungry for Him ever since that day. For a long time I knew I needed something in my life but I didn't know what it was until I started going to church. I'm eager to learn all that I can. I know there are a few things that are holding me back that I am struggling with but I have a feeling that those topics are going to be covered in a new series that are coming up in January. Hopefully I will get some answers and be more at peace with everything.

Psalm 103:11
As high as the sky, so great is God's Love

Monday, December 20, 2010


Picture post of some of my favorite ornaments. Enjoy! :)
The 1st ornament I ever got. From my Momma. I love it! 
Our 1st Family ornament 2008
Colton's 1st Xmas 2008 from his (Godmother) Aunt Coco
1st Christmas 2008 from Aunt Cassie
My BFF Coco gave me this one! 2008
And I gave her(coco) this one. I bought one for her, one for me. 2008
2009 Family ornament
Colts 2nd Xmas 2009
Our 2010 Family ornament
Colton has a Toy Story ornament for this years (his 3rd Xmas) but a certain someone thinks its his toy and keeps taking it off the tree. Its in his room somewhere I'm sure. :) You may also be wondering why if Jay and I have been together for so long (8 years in January) then why do we only have ornaments dating from 2008, well we never had a tree before then. We had THREE Jack Russell Terriers that liked to get into and destroy everything so we just figured it was too much of a hassle. I never realized how much I love having a Christmas  tree until we had Colt and I finally broke down and bought one. Now I put it up as early as I can but once Christmas is over, its over, so I take the tree down right away. :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Break time's over.

We weren't on an official break as we have still been trying but I've decided that I'm ready to go back on the fertility drugs. I've been struggling with this for quite a while now and I'm not willing to waste anymore time. I have my game plan now I just need to build up the funds to play it out. It's going to take me a few months but I'm ready to take the next step. So be prepared for a bitchy me...okay more bitchy than normal. I'm going ahead and starting my medication now and then temping and charting my ass off until I go into the doctor to get the fertility drugs. I apologize in advance for my whacked out emotions. Buckle up and prepare yourselves for a bumpy ride.

Friday, December 17, 2010


So today was super eventful. Jay ended up coming home around 8am. He got the day off so he was going to take me shoe shopping. I've been needing a new pair of tennis shoes for awhile now so I was very excited. Colt and I got ready to go and after I got Colt out of the bath and wrapped the towel around him BAM he slipped and fell. And of course stupid me, I had wrapped the towel under his arms and he said he was cold so i fixed it and wrapped it over his arms so he didn't have use of them. He couldn't even try to catch himself when he fell so what hit first? His chin. He split the bottom of his chin open. It was the worst feeling ever. It didn't bleed too bad but there was my baby with his chin split open and my heart just stopped and dropped to the pit of my stomach. I didn't know what to do. We finally decided that he needed to go see the doctor to make sure he didn't need stitches. Oh how glad I was that Jay was home from work when this happened, I would of been like a chicken with its head cut off had he not been here to keep me calm. He is the one that is 'in control' when everything is complete chaos. Love him. Anyways so we took Colton to the urgent care and they fixed him up and numbed it and then put on the liquid stitches stuff. He did great and didn't cry. It was pretty exhausting though. I'm glad he is okay. The doctor said he didn't break through all the layers of skin so that's good. I'm so thankful they didn't have to give him the 'real' stitches. I can't even imagine how bad that would of been!

Afterwards we stopped and got him some more breakfast and then came home. I went and did some grocery shopping and got myself some new shoes. Yea. Tomorrow I am going to my church for our special Christmas service. If you haven't already then check out the video a few posts below. The service is going to rock and I hope everyone can make it out. There are 8 showings and it is free and just a great thing to go to and take the family. I'm really stoked because my Momma is going to come with me. I've been asking her to come to church with me since I started going so I'm glad she decided to make this her first service. I hope she continues to come with me. I would really like to share this experience and journey of getting to know God with her. She does her church at home and studies every day but I want her to come to church with me, stand beside me and worship & praise God together!
Also have a couple of friends that I'm really praying for right now. One had to say goodbye to her husband as he set off to deploy for a year. The other is having to say goodbye to her baby. My heart aches for them.

Storytime with Santa

Cassie and I took the boys to our local library for Storytime with Santa this past Tuesday. It was Colt didn't want anything to do with it. He preferred to run around the children's section and look at the books than sit in a group of kids and listen quietly. We were the parents that allowed their kids to have free roam and go in and out of the storytime room. I know the other mothers were disgusted with us but hey my kid was happy so who cares. I did get him to go sit down long enough to color a picture and steal a box of candy canes. Okay he tried to steal Santas box of candy canes....twice. I didn't let him get away with it though. See I do have morals! :) Pretty much when Santa walked in, Colton RAN out! Oh and did I mention that one of those OTHER mothers was probably pretty ticked off when she got home and looked at her pictures of her precious baby sitting on santas knee only to see me and Colt fighting over the box of candy canes in the background. Oops. Sorry.  Colton and Gabriel had fun running around the books and chasing each other and we had some great laughs so all in all it was a good day.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pillow Pets!

Some of you may know that we've been having trouble with Colton sleeping in his own bed.
(Interruption: There is totally an owl hoo hooting outside my window right now!!! Owls + Me = LOVE).
Okay so back to Colton, he doesn't like to sleep alone. He prefers to sleep with Momma. I have been putting off stopping it because well lets face it that's the only 'baby' part I have left of him. He is growing up so fast! He will be turning 3 years old in a matter of days, 26 to be exact. He doesn't need me for anything anymore...except sleepy time, he likes to cuddle with his momma and his momma likes it, most the time. When I wake up with a toe up my nose or an elbow jammed into the small of my not so much. I know it is time though, if we don't get him out of our bed now then we never will. So the other night he fell asleep on the couch and Jay said he is going to stay there and sleep all night. HAhahaha I laughed in his face...literally. Boy was he laughing at me the next morning when Colt was still asleep where we left him. :)  So it begins!
Have you seen the commercials for pillow pets? Colton freaks out and runs around screaming 'pillow pet' when it comes on. I've showed the Pillow Pet website to him before and so now when the commercial comes on he runs over to my computer and wants me to pull up the website too. Its hilarious. Yesterday he watched pillow pet videos on YouTube and I couldn't tell who was more excited, the kids getting the pillow pets or Colt watching. So we decided Santa was going to get him one for Christmas. I ended up seeing one when I went to Walgreen's yesterday afternoon so I brought it home and resisted the urge to give it to him right away! Well if you know anything about our family you know that we have a hard time keeping secrets and keeping gifts from each other. We hardly ever make it to someones actual birthday or Christmas. It just doesn't happen. Yep you guessed it, I caved! As soon as that darn commercial came on I was running to the car to get it! Ha. Ignore my sad pathetic tree and all the ornaments that Colt has rearranged. :)

He was so shocked, it was awesome! He ended up just laying down and taking a really long nap which he rarely does, and of course he used his bumble bee pillow pet. Then last night when it was bedtime he kept going into his room and getting in bed so I turned on his movie and I went to my bedroom. Well he ran back and forth for about an hour and finally I told him it was time for bed, either get in mommy and daddys bed or go lay down with your pillow pet in your room. He didn't even have to think about it he just took off and jumped in his bed. I laid down and Jay and I decided he would be in our room in a matter of minutes well then I fell asleep. I woke up to Jays alarm and no feet kicking me or knocking me off the bed. Colton put himself to bed last night and slept all night long!!!! I give all credit to our new best friend Bumble Bee the pillow pet!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa, Lights, & Pirates...what?

Last week Jay took us to Rhema to see the Christmas lights. We got out and walked around and froze our toes. They had hot chocolate and Santa but there were so many people there and the lines were long so we skipped all that and just looked at the lights. Colton loved it and wanted to run up and touch the lights so daddy carried him most the time. My favorite part was seeing the horses and the super cute donkey! We will probably go back again closer to Christmas to get more into the spirit of the season.

I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping, I just have one thing left to buy and I know what it is just haven't found the right one yet. I've been shopping pretty much all day every day all week long. I'm exhausted! I've had fun spending time with my Mom though. Here's a few more pictures from the week.
AH HOY MATEY- I see you! 

Merry Christmas from Santa Colton

Thursday, December 2, 2010


A short post, just wanted to put up a picture of Colt and his first cookie from the mall! I remember as a child always getting these cookies that seemed bigger than the world. I always got  the one that had pink icing and sprinkles on top. They are different now. They are smaller and the icing is white and they don't taste as good. Colton enjoyed his though...well the icing at least! He took a few bites of the cookie but for the most part he was all about the icing. He got to pick his cookie out and I really thought he would go for the M&M cookie or the Santa cookie but nope he wanted the rainbow. Probably because that's his new thing, he just recently learned all the marshmallows in the Lucky Charm box. :)  Oh and no I didn't realize his belly was showing until I got home and looked at the pictures. Oops!