Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blizzard 2.0

I wish I could wave my magical wand and end up on some tropical island far far away! I used to wish for it to snow...but not anymore. I can't stand it! I've been stuck in my house for two weeks now. I was SOOO over this snow thing the first day it arrived but it decided to stick around and now its visiting again. Seriously?! I'm DONE!!! I want out of here!! The good thing about it is that I was able to finish my 'pay it forward' gifts, I don't know when I'll ever get to mail them out but they are finished! Yayy!
Jay is home from work today. There is no reason to be out driving in this snowy winter storm unless you just absolutely have to. We will try to get out and play in it after while though. Colt has only been out once for about five minutes since we were all sick last week.
I'm pretty disappointed because we had to reschedule bunco for next week. It was suppose to be this Friday but there is no way everyone would be able to make it even if the some of the snow clears up by then, the neighborhoods are just awful! So we are going to have it next Friday which is for the best anyways but still I could really use a night out of the house! I will be getting out on Saturday though, at least I better. I'm going to hurt someone if I don't get to go. Its the Women's Living Expo, it happens once every year. I look forward to it every year. It is so much fun. Free samples, FIREMEN(okay they aren't free for keeps, but you can look and drool...and get the stank eye from their wives!), wine, etc. Oh I can't wait!! :)


Hopeless Heartbreaker said...

I want to go but I think Jeremy has to work. :(

Diana Y. said...

I've never heard of it.

Kristen said...

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Tammilee said...

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