Monday, February 7, 2011

Blizzard 2011

We started last week off with a blizzard!
We've been snowed in pretty much ever since....I can't stand it!

I dream of the sun and its warmth. Green grass and springtime flowers.
I want to wear flip flops and ride my bike.

I'll just have to keep dreaming though because we are expected to get another 5-10 inches of snow today. So far we've gotten over 20 inches. We have only been out of the house a couple of times to the grocery store and everyone was in panic mode. The first time we went I was able to get everything on my list except for milk. The second time we went I found some milk but they were out of everything is rare for you to find milk, bread, eggs, and hamburger meat. The shelves are bare. Its a mad house out there people!!! I'm very excited about today husband went to work today!!! Yay! Ha!!
For the first time in almost two weeks I actually woke up this morning feeling like myself. My throat is a little sore still but I don't feel as congested as I was before. With the hubs gone and me feeling better, I hope to get some good deep cleaning done around here today. I also want to finish up my 'pay it forward' gifts. I worked on some of them yesterday and I like how they are turning out but I still need to think of something else to make to go with it.
Any ideas???


Misty said...

Thanks for following my blog! I'm now following you back :) Have a great week!


Madame Deals said...

Hi, I followed you on google friends from I hope you follow me back. Thanks : )

Katie said...

I wish I could go to a tropical island too!

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