Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chicken Pasta

Here is another delicious recipe that people have been asking me to share. I got this one from Amanda at Our Oklahoma Nest. Check out her page for pictures and the full recipe. I have picky eaters so I left out the parts for the mushrooms and artichokes.

Chicken Pasta
whole wheat penne
chicken breasts
herb and garlic marinade
sour cream
shredded parmesan
salt & pepper

1. Cook the pasta according to package.
2. Add the marinade to a large skillet, add chicken and turn to medium heat. Add salt and pepper and garlic to taste. Cook until chicken is done. Set aside.
3. When pasta is finished add butter, sour cream, and parmesan to taste. Mix with pasta until melted.
4. Top the pasta with sliced up chicken and top with extra parmesan.

So Gooooood! I served mine with garlic bread sticks and salad. I thought my kitchen had been turned into an Olive Garden. The picky husband LOOOOOOOOOOVED it too! That is always a plus!!

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