Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The family that laughs together......

Colt had his Christmas program at school last week. Before we headed out we took some pictures?!
Aww thats a nice one

Oh the boys are getting crazy

Fine, Momma will play too

He went and did his face that cracks us up every time!

Come on, one more nice one please

Haha! I'm gonna get you! 

Family Time!

That was fun. You probably are just waiting to hear about the Christmas program though huh? Oh alright here it is..
We got more video on the camcorder but I need to find my cord to upload them. He is the fourth one in from the left side(closest to the tree). He just stood there mostly. Oh and in case you don't catch it....there is a crotch grab at the very end of the video. :) I'd like to thank Dy-nan-a for pointing that out for me. Haha.

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Anonymous said...

These r hilarious! I love em!!!!!!! <3 coco

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