Saturday, December 3, 2011

*Edit* 'EX-' New Family Member

I realized that I failed to mention our newest family member. 
I'd like to introduce you to Shadow
We have had him for a couple of weeks now. We were on the search for a labradoodle because they are suppose to be easy on the shedding. Well after doing some research the cheapest we were able to find one was about $600. I had one set to pick up in a week but I went on to craigslist and found a listing for this cute fella for FREE. We fell in love right away even though he was bigger than we were going for. We wanted a big dog but was wanting a baby puppy not a 7 month old beast! We have come to realize he is anything but a labradoodle. He sheds like a maniac. Jay is allergic to him but I love him so he is staying! He is eating us out of our home, no literally he is eating everything in the house! He has eaten through our couch, the carpet, Coltons bed, Colts outside toys, my Christmas tree lights, R2D2, C3PO, the list goes on..! He has more chew toys than any dog we've ever own before and he still just wants to eat everything. I love him! He is the kindest, not so gentle, most lovable dog ever. When he is sitting down and I stand next to him and pet him he will wrap one front paw around me as if he is hugging me, so cute. He is about 7 months old and 65-70lbs. He is huge. He towers over Dexter(a jack russell) and loves playing with Colt and crawling through his tunnels. He is for sure a keeper no matter how often I threaten to put him up on craigslist! :) 

**Edit** Well I guess I spoke to soon. After some events this morning and talking with the husband it looks like we may have to find Shadow a new home. I'm torn. I know what is best for my family but my heart aches for him and not knowing how his life will be without us. Will it better or worse? Will he be happy? Will his new owners treat him as well as we would have? 

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