Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Bad Nut?

Has someone ever made you question the characteristics that make you who you are? Things that you thought were positive great qualities and then with their insensitive harsh words they make you question every single thing you do from that point on. That has happened to me this year. It's stopped me and made me pull away from the great changes I feel I was making. It has stopped me from doing what I love to do, what makes me be me. It's amazing to me how people can sit behind a screen and type the most awful things to someone, not just someone but a loved one. Someone who is suppose to always have your back and be one of your top cheerleaders and instead they say hurtful words that they would never say in person. Words that change how a person thinks and feels, knocking them down instead of building them up.
One of my wishes for the new year is for people to think before they talk/type. Know that the words you use can greatly affect the ones you are saying them to and it isn't always a good thing. You should love people for who they are and not who you WANT them to be.

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Cassie said...

AMEN!!! This is a fantastic post. For the record, I LOVE who you are and EVERYTHING that entails!

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