Saturday, January 7, 2012

Partners in Crime

Since little girls(not the ones pictured above) we have been best friends. We were inseparable, always together, writing notes, getting in trouble, having to sit in the hall, having to write our names in the black book only one of us didn't do it like they were suppose to do so said person got a treat at the end of the week when they weren't suppose to and yes it still ticks me off! Cheater!! :)  She moved away in the seventh grade. We remained friends. She would visit me, I would visit her. We locked each other(okay okay, I ran inside and locked the door) outside with lizards on our(HER) back. We went to parties, cleaned puke off moms car with the window washer at the gas station. Introduced each other to ex-boyfriends. Kept each other from stripping naked, kept each or well SAID person from letting her mom know she was piss-drunk when she just wanted to keep on talking to momma. Lost our baby turtle in the backyard, poor turtle - he survived the road trip from Missouri to Texas and then we just toss him outside expecting him to wait around for us. We've been to Sea World and got to pet and hold penguins. Summer vacations at the lake house. Get away snacks at Plain Jane's.  We've been through a lot. We've shed tears, shared laughs, survived grandma farts. We've done it all and most of all we've remained best friends from 504 miles apart and after 24+ years we are still just as close.
Did I mention that she is here visiting this week for my son's birthday and that we are going to get into so much trouble!! Oh let the good times roll!!

This chick is why I raise money to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Can you help? It doesn't matter if you have a couple of dollars, five, ten, fifty, hundred. Whatever you have to give helps! You can donate online by going to my great strides account. If you don't like giving online you can give cash, check, or money order and I will turn it in on the day of the walk(not until 5/12/12).


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! This made me laugh & brought so many memories!! Man we HAVE been through a lot!!! I love making memories w u!!! Thank u for your beautiful heart to help find a cure!!! U r my soul sister! Lol!! <3 Coco (ps. Who took that pic of us at Plain Janes?? The waitress? Or Gpa?)

Kristin P said...

I'm not sure who took the picture. Remember B came down there to check on us also! Gpa caught us snacking before dinner. oops! It had to of been Gpa because we took pics by the car right by the lake also. I doubt the waitress would of walked down there.

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