Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pick A Color..

I found this on the almighty Pinterest. I thought it was pretty interesting. DO NOT ready what each color block says. First, look at the colors and pick your favorite one. Which one are you gravitated to the most? Okay now go read what it says. Does it fit you?

What do you think? I picked peacock and fig because I of course couldn't just pick one. I thought peacock was pretty dead on for me.....oh except for the patient part. Ha!


Cassie said...

mine is fuchsia!

Cassie said...

oh and yours both fit you...except the patient thing LOL

Kristin P said...

Yeah yeah...I'm working on it. I never would of thought you'd pick fits you perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Strawberry! <3 coco

Kristin P said...

Love it!

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