Thursday, March 3, 2011


My son turned three in January and I'm trying to decide about preschool for the fall. I'd really like him to be in some type of classroom setting as he has never been in daycare and I think the social part of it would be great for him before 'real' school starts. What age did you put your son in schooling? Is three years old too young?
My real dilemma with it all is the price. It just seems so expensive. The preschools I have looked into have all been church preschools and for just a couple of half days a week its almost $200 a month. That just seems like a lot. I recently heard that there is a 3 year old program with the public school system but that would be all week long and it seems to early for that. So many decisions...I'm stressed out!


Mama on a Green Mission said...

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Kristina said...

I think 3 is a great age for preschool, but I agree it is expensive. Have you thought of doing library programs or sports instead? He would get the socialization for a lower cost? If it helps, my son turned 3 in November and he's going to kindergarten in September already! Full days too :) I know he'll do fine, but I chose not to do preschool with him.

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Amanda said...

We sent our son to preschool this year (he is four and will turn five in June). I felt like he really needed the structure since he has been at home with me and never in daycare. Because of the cost we also considered a public school preschool but decided to go with a Christian school for two reasons. First we wanted him to get a Christian perspective and the same values we have. Second, the public school taught a lot less than the Christian schools and I felt he would be better prepared.
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A Helicopter Mom said...

We started our old child just before she turned 3 because she was terribly shy. We wanted her to get used to other children and eventually be able to interact with them. I think it was a good decision. It is really expensive, though!

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Johanson Family said...

Hey there Kristin! So glad you stopped by my blog and I'm glad I came to yours.... fun!! I am your new follower. Tough question about preschool. I have my kids in daycare and they've been there since 12 weeks of age (eek)... my delima is whether private school is better than public school.. my hubby went to Catholic school all his life and I went to public.. AGH!! Money or public free education... its never an easy choice...

Kristin P said...

I appreciate all the comments! After talking with some friends and the director at one of our local churches I decided to go ahead and enroll him in the church preschool. It sounds like a wonderful program and he will have a couple of friends going there as well so he won't be alone. I'm so excited and glad the stress of deciding is over with!! Again, thank you for all of your input!!! :)

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