Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ViveVita Bandette -Review-

So you're at a play date for your kids and there are sippy cups everywhere. How do you help your kids know which one is theirs? You get a ViveVita Bandette! You can personalize your kids' cups and bottles while keeping them germ free at the same time! ViveVita Bandettes are a heavy duty band made of non-toxic material that slips around your childs cup or bottle. You won't have to guess whose cup belongs to whom or worry about the spreading of germs anymore.

  • Bandette cup labels are dishwasher and microwave safe. 
  • They are reusable and easily moved from one cup to another. 
  • They make it easier to grip the cup for early beginners or slippery hands. 
  • They have a wide back to be able to write your childs name or allergies to alert caretakers. 
My son really likes the lion bandette. He knows which cup is his and he thinks it's fun to make his cup Roooooar! Its adorable. I would definitely buy some for play dates, family get togethers, or even birthday parties. Why not send the kids home with a cute keepsake and help another mom out at the same time!

ViveVita Bandettes are available for purchase at several stores; the closet to me is Babies"R"US. They come in packs of three and are very inexpensive. The boy pack has a blue panda, green monkey and an orange lion, while the girl pack includes a pink ladybug, a yellow bee, and a fuchsia butterfly.

I received 2 Bandettes to review. The opinions I have expressed are my own, and no other compensation was received. 

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