Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lets Play Catch Up

Park Play Date

We went to the park a couple of weeks ago. Colton had a lot of fun playing with his best friend Gabe. They haven't been able to play together much lately because everyone seems to be sick every other week so they were very happy to see each other. After the park my awesome bestie took my son home with her so I could go home and relax and get ready for our Mommy Date Night! How great is that? I was able to take my time and even managed to get both legs shaved!! Come on, doesn't every mom have those moments where she gets out of the shower in a hurry and realizes she only shaved one leg? Yeah, no? Hmmm.....lets move on....

Mommy Date Night
Mommy Date Night was a success! We went to Olive Garden and enjoyed some delicious food and great conversation. It was so much more relaxing and enjoyable than Bunco ever was. I don't think I ever mentioned that WE ALL quit bunco together did I? Yeah it just wasn't working out. I really enjoyed playing and I had fun but there was some stress and drama that I didn't care for. I'm not the ringleader I promise. :)
Anyways so now we have a monthly Mommy Date Night to look forward to instead and I think we are all equally excited about it! Some of the other ladies that were in bunco were awesome and its sad I won't see them much anymore but hopefully we'll stay in contact and then there are a couple that it was more of a take out the trash thing. Good Riddance! I'm sure they are all great people but we aren't all going to mesh well and that's fine, Wish them all the best in life! 

Mother's Day
We had our Mother's Day service at COTM on Saturday night. It was a great service. See post below on how that went. AWESOME! 
Mother's Day morning I woke up not feeling very well. I always seem to get sick on or around Mother's Day. Boo. We still had a great day though. I was fixing to make breakfast when I was told to go to my room by my three year old. So off I went with my cup of coffee. Before too long the search and rescue team came looking for me and surprised me with some goodies. I was given two sweet cards that of course made me tear up and then I was given a gift bag from my favorite place - James Avery. I figured it was a charm for my bracelet but was surprised with something I've waited my whole life to get. A swivel heart locket. I have wanted a locket since I was a little girl and I've never really gotten one. I've bought myself cheap little ones here and there but never a real locket and now I have the greatest one ever. I absolutely love it. My husband wants me to take it in to get engraved but I don't want to be a part from it for two weeks so I haven't done it yet. He keeps bugging me about it though so I guess I'll check into it this week. I just don't know what to put on it. Do I put my initials or my sons? My husband thinks I should put Coltons. I like that but then there is that part of me that thinks well what if I have another child? Put their initials on the other side. A third child? Ha who are we kidding.....lets just keep praying for a second child. Anyways so after we all got ready we decided to go to breakfast and Colton decided he wanted the Star(Carl Jrs). So off we went for a breakfast sandwich. It was really nice. We ate and then we all played on the indoor playground. We were the only ones there so we didn't get any dirty looks when my husband went down the huge twirl slide. :)  We had a good day. We went to dinner later on and just enjoyed the day together. 

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