Monday, May 16, 2011

Rooster Days 2011

Looking at the Ferris Wheel
The husband took us to Rooster Days this past Friday night. Its like a super mini-fair. There are rides, games, rude talking clowns, live music, and lots of yummy food. We had a great time. We let Colt play a couple of games and attempted to have him go on a ride.

We paid three dollars to sit on a dog and take a picture before backing out right before she hit the power button. She was nice and gave our tickets back. Thank you! Of course we couldn't use them since he is deathly afraid of rides but we did pass them on to our besties. So then we let him go digging in a pool of blue sand with a kitty litter pooper scooper upper. Oh and the little treasure he had to uncover was just laying on top of the sand. Bummer. We paid five dollars for three digs. She was serious about the three digs. There were like four stations(baby pools) and NOBODY at any of them except Colt. She squatted down and had to help him, he couldn't even do it himself, not that he couldn't but that she wasn't really letting him. You would think she would want him sitting there playing having fun so that maybe some other children would say hey mom I want to do that too. Nope, instead she counted. She literally only let him stick the scooper in three  times. After two times he had had enough of her and wanted to leave. We got an annoying blown up squealing Monkey out of it. It made him happy though. I on the other hand can't promise that the Monkey won't be running away soon. Kidding....kind of. 

So then we went fishing. The kid that ran this one was very nice! We paid five dollars and I think you were only suppose to fish so many times but he didn't bug us. I fished with him for a bit and got a couple of fish and then Jay helped him get a couple more. We quit when we were ready and had a great time. He got a little stuffed puppy dog out of it which he held on to for the rest of the night! 

Back to the digging game.  The reason I was so disappointed with it was because he has been talking about a sandbox for forever now so we he was excited to play in this blue sand. I thought it'd be a great way to see how he would do with it before I go spend money on one. I've been looking at them, I don't know what to get him. He is a big  Dirt + Water = Mud kid so that's been my biggest concern so far.

Do you have a sandbox? If so how do you make sure the kiddos keep the water out of the sand?


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