Monday, February 11, 2013

Have you missed me?

I've missed you.

I've been playing nurse if you were wondering where I've been. Someone needs to put this house in a bubble because these germs are overpowering all the Clorox in the area. I think Pre-K will be the death of us all. Since December one, some, or all of us have been sick every week and weekend. Its crazy ridiculous. Recently my husband was down with strep and pink eye. This man NEVER gets sick. Like EVER. Yet he came down with Pneumonia, strep and pink eye all within the last month and a half. Poor guy! I think we are finally all well but who knows what will happen by the end of the week with the kiddo heading back to school today. Prayers for health would be greatly appreciated!

In the meantime though I've had a handful of products come in to try out so be on the lookout for some reviews and I have some great coupons to giveaway for some free/highly discounted products.

What are some of your #1 tips on keeping the germs at bay? Do you have a good hand lotion recommendation? My hands are so dry they are cracking from all the hand washing and antibacterial gel.

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