Sunday, February 24, 2013


I should be writing about how I'm recovering from my first couple of weeks at work instead I'm referring to the horrible stomach virus that I've been fighting for a week now. I'm hoping I have seen the last of it but I won't know for sure until tomorrow. Prayers please. I ended up missing several days of work because of it, not a good thing when its only your second week. I went to the doctor so I had a note plus all the kiddos also had it so its obvious I wasn't faking it but still it was only my second week there. I really really like working at the daycare. I worried at first it may be a bit much for me with the whole infertility thing but its not. I LOVE it! The people are great, the kids are adorable(sometimes Ha!) and I just really enjoy having something to look forward to. Its not easy work by any means. You are on your feet the entire time and you are constantly doing something, its hard on my back but nothing that a little ibuprofen can't take care of. The kid gets to go with me so I don't have to pay for daycare and while I'm not working with him I can still check in on him and if he needs me I'm there. I have prayed about this a lot and have had many of conversations with God and I strongly feel that this is where I'm meant to be. I can see myself here long term. I see the future and where I want to be in my life and I see this place being a part of that. It may sound silly to some but I really honestly feel that. I think a lot of things will be changing because of this new adventure I'm on. Its the first of many stepping stones to a happier me. Have you ever came across something where you could see where it fit into your life? Like you could see how it would change and shape the future? How by making this one choice all the other things would fall into place. I can see that. I can picture it and it looks amazing! I'm really excited about this and I hope everyone can be happy for me. I know things are changing and I'm going in a different direction as you now but its a good change for me and I hope you can see that and want that for me.

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