Monday, November 8, 2010


Man its been awhile since I last posted. I've been sick with sinus stuff and headaches this past week. I ended up going to the doctor for the headaches and was told its migraines. So my doctor put me on some medicine to try but I'm not sure I like it very well. It helps with my headache sometimes but not always plus I've been feeling pretty anxious since I've been on it. I don't like feeling that way so I'll talk to her about it next time I go in.

The night before Halloween we took Colton..uh I mean Woody to see his group of friends at our local community trick or treat event. First they had a pumpkin hunt(egg hunt) which was super crowded. There were probably over a hundred little 3-4 year olds and only like 40 eggs. When they said go everyone just took off and it was mostly the parents who were pushing and shoving and surrounding the eggs for their little ones to get some. I just followed behind Colt letting him do his own thing and every time he would get to an egg some parent would come swoop in and block it so their kid could get it. It was annoying but Colt didn't seem to mind. We walked all the way across the field and Colton turned around with a huge smile on his face, he was proud of himself for making it. It cracked me up. We ended up finding a sucker hiding in the grass so he got his prize. Afterwards when Colton and his friend(future girlfriend/wife) were looking at their loot(Ha!) sweet Maia gave Colt one of her eggs. It was adorable. She holds his hand and leads him where to go. Aw to be young and in love!
After the pumpkin hunt we headed to trick or treat and meet up with Woody's sidekick Buzz Lightyear! They were excited to see each other but Woody's girlfriend had other plans on  how he would be spending his evening. She grabbed a hold of her man and wasn't planning on letting go.....until we reached the candy. We had planned to all stay together but the lines were long and Colton had more fun just wandering around Main St  so we just followed his lead. He was very entertaining. He got a couple of pieces of candy and would go up to the people in line and pull out his candy showing how proud he was of that box of dots. Then he would tip his hat at them and off we went. It was adorable, everyone commented on how adorable he was and he even had people coming up to take pictures with him. He wouldn't pose for them though but I don't blame him, I wouldn't want some strange kid in a costume putting his arm around me either! We had a great time.

Afterwards we headed to my parents house so Colton could get some more goodies. We ended up staying for awhile so Colt could play and Jay watched part of the OU game with my dad and brother. We were all exhausted and ready to pass out by the time we got home.
We had a lazy day on Sunday for the most part. I went to church in the morning and then we just laid around all afternoon. It was nice! Colton wasn't feeling to well but we went ahead and took him to see Jays mom. She goes all out for holidays and is a hoot so it was a great time as always! I must admit, I truly hit the jackpot when it comes to mother-in-laws. She is awesome!
We had a great holiday weekend and hope everyone else did too! 


Diana Y. said...

I love this Halloween post. Everyone looks so cute and it looks like Colt has so much fun! I really like the Woody and Buzz picture a whole too!! :)

Kristin P said...

Thanks! I had so many pictures it was hard to choose between them all. I like the Woody & Buzz one too, but I think my all time fave is when Maia is kissing Colt! :)

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