Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gobble Gobble

I hope every one had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We had a great time going out to my parents house and stuffing our faces. Usually it is still really nice outside and we spend most the time tossing the football around, playing basketball, jumping on the trampoline, or just chasing each other around the backyard, but this year it was a bit too cold to stay outside for long. Poor Colton looked like Rudolph. I tried to get a picture but it came out blurry.

Oh well you get the point. :) We ate too much food and enjoyed each others company and then I was ready to come home to get some rest before my shopping adventure! My bestie and I headed to get our extra shot of espresso coffee and then off to walmart we went. They started at midnight this year which is good because we were able to go to all the other store openings but bad because we didn't get any sleep at all and ended up crashing early. We stood around for forever and then kicked, elbowed and pulled hair to get what we wanted. Ha. It was so much fun! We got out of walmart within the hour and then headed to ToysRus. Yikes! Their lines were wrapped all the way around the store and in between each isle. I found what I was going for but decided $12 savings was not worth the wait in line. So off to Target we went. I was a bit disappointed because I really wanted that $3 sandwich maker thing! :) Owell. I didn't get much there but I did get my sisters presents and something for Colt.
We crashed after that. Cassie was all yippity yappity and then BAM not so much. I could tell she wasn't feeling good(she's been sick for the past week) and standing in line drained my 'shopping high'. So we headed home about 6am and got a few hours of sleep. I woke up really disappointed that I didn't make it to Kohl's to get the Toy Story 4-pack potato head so I called and texted blowing up the besties phone(who had it on vibrate! Punk!) So I was about to give up and go alone when she finally answered as I was stalking...driving by her house. :) So I swooped her up and we went to Big lots, Dollar General, Academy, and Kohl's. I was shocked that they had so many of the potato head packs left! Colton loves his Mr.Potato Heads. He plays with them and the rest of his TS friends all day long. The lines weren't bad and we made it back home within a few hours. I was glad we ventured back out.

Poor Cass is just now recovering though. :(  We've had a lot going on with a close friend though and I know the stress and emotions aren't helping her to get well any quicker. All we can do is be there and continue to pray.
The rest of the weekend was spent mostly at home. Jay cleaned out the garage and I worked in the house. We got Colton a new organizer and a stuffed animal net. We eliminated some of his toys for now and hoping that this will help keep his room picked up a bit more. It has kept from having all of his toys in my living room, so that's nice!

We had a great Thanksgiving and black friday shopping. Now its time to get ready for Christmas!

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