Thursday, November 18, 2010

Presents Presents Presents!

I haven't been in the mood to blog lately. I've been having horrible headaches so I've been a bum! I still don't have anything to write about so what's better than seeing what my birthday presents are going to be!!? :)

I will be getting some new glasses. They are suppose to arrive on my birthday so I hope they do(or come early)! I ordered them online from Coastal Contacts. They have a special going on TODAY ONLY! They are giving away 10,000 free glasses. Yep you heard that right! FREE!!! They did this same special last week and that is when I ordered mine. I got these beautiful glasses that are priced at $128 for free! All I paid was $8.90 for handling/insurance. The shipping was free. That's an awesome deal for prescription glasses. They don't have to verify your prescription or anything. They didn't ask me any information about my doctor, they just asked what the numbers are on my prescription card. I'm so excited to get them!

Guess what else I'm getting? A new camera! A girl can never have to many cameras! I'm getting the Nikon Coolpix S4000. I'm super excited about this one. I've been wanting a small camera that I can just slip into my pocket and its not a hassle to lug around. I love my Canon Rebel but its so big that its not always convenient to take with me. This new camera that should be arriving any day now has some awesome features and will fun to play with. Jay told me I'm not allowed to check the mail or the front door step for the next week. Ha! Yeah right sucker! :)

Those are some pretty nice birthday presents huh?! :) I always know what I'm getting before my birthday, its just how we do it around here.

Next week is going to be busy. Birthday celebrations and Thanksgiving and who could forget Black Friday! Today I'm going to go through all the ads that are already posted online and make my list so I can be at the stores and ready to shop at 3:30am! Although rumor has it that walmart has some sales starting at midnight so I may just end up being up all night!

What a fun present filled week!


Diana Y. said...

Did you get your packages??

Kristin P said...

Yep! I got the glasses last week and then the camera came Monday. I love them both!

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