Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How many candles????

Yesterday was my birthday so I spent it with my mom and son. It was a great day. We went to lunch and then did a little bit of shopping. It was a nice relaxing day. She spoiled me with presents and made me lemon bars! Yummy. (Shh...don't tell anyone but they are all almost gone!)
Jay had taken me out on Saturday night to celebrate early. We went to Olive Garden and to see Harry Potter.  I'm a nerd and love all of the movies. I have them all but the first three are on VHS so I need to upgrade to DVD soon. Oh and early on Saturday before my Mom came to get Colt we went and had some family fun. We went out to this little airport and watched some planes fly in/out and then we went to the fun house and played some games. Apparently I'm not very pleasant to go to a fun house with because I'm a little competitive and ticket greedy! Oops. Just trying to get my moneys worth!
Today is my besties birthday but she had to work and she is sick so I had to stay away from her germs! I catch every possible virus that comes my way so I try to stay clear if possible. I am hoping to see her tomorrow morning before I head out to my parents for Thanksgiving.
Its been a great week so far and it will only be getting better with tomorrows dinner and late night shopping!
I also have to mention that I have this pretty awesome friend Diana who knew I wasn't feeling well earlier today so she dropped off some delicious homemade cookies in my mailbox for us. There was a turkey and a pumpkin.  Colton really enjoyed them- well the icing more than anything! Ha. Thanks DY! You Rock!

Sorry I haven't been posting very often lately, I don't know why but I'm just in a weird mood and don't want to do anything, I'm trying to snap out of it though.

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Diana Y. said...

Yes! Snap out of it. I've missed your blogs. :)
I'm glad you had such a great birth-week!!! Sorry that you couldn't see Cassie today. I thought she was working and almost told Mr. Y let's go in to eat but I really wasn't in the mood for pizza. I hope she had a good day too!

Oh, and I am pretty awesome huh...I think so too! ;) JK Love ya girl!!!!

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