Monday, January 24, 2011

3 Year Checkup

Took Colt to his checkup this morning.  I had my mom go with me since I wasn't feeling 100% awesome and I knew I'd need someone to help chase him around. It went really good. He did great with the nurse and the doctor and she said he was doing good and didn't end up needing any shots BUT because he is bruised up(He is a very active jumper! He is constant running and jumping off the couch) she wanted to have his blood checked. :(  We almost got out of there ouchie-free but no she had to ruin it for us. Ha. It went okay though, he screamed and cried and it took three of us to hold him down but it was over fast and he got to pick out a sticker and sucker.
Afterwards we went to lunch and then I took him to walmart so he could pick out a prize. We spent way more than I had intended but he was playing me like a fiddle! Every time I'd say no he would point to his band aid wrap and say he had an owie. How do you say no to that!?! So he left walmart with a motorized train, toy story sunglasses and a toy story book. Spoiled!!!
Stats:  Length 35 (4%) Weight 29 (21%)

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Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Aww Colt is such a cute name!

I just found your blog on one of the Monday blog hops! Have a great week.

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