Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Living Social - Kaleidoscope Children's Museum

I love a good deal especially when it allows me to take my son to have a FUN time! Today on Living Social (for the Tulsa area) you can get two full day passes to Kaleidoscope Children's Museum for only $6.00!!! Normally it is $6 per person(including parents) so with this pass you and your child are getting in for the price of one! I'd say that's a great deal. I didn't even know they had this place available! I had been wanting to take Colt to OKC to the science museum but didn't want to drive so far and pay so much money so this is an awesome deal for us! I'm so excited, I know he is going to just absolutely love this place. When my brother was Colts age there was a children's museum that we would take him to and he always had a great time...shoot I was early teens and had a fun time too! I especially loved the pretend grocery store and the bubble maker! :)

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