Monday, January 17, 2011

Its My Birthday, So I'll Cry If I Want To

Okay so maybe it wasn't my birthday but I sure did want to cry!
I can't believe my baby boy is already three years old. It feels like it wasnt' that long ago that I first laid eyes on him. He is growing up so fast. It's fascinating to me at how quickly they grow and learn. He has been a three year old for a week now and he is already acting older. He is talking in sentences nonstop, he repeats just about every word you say. He is becoming a homebody. He likes to be at home and play. When we are out at the store he says he wants to go home with our dog. He loves going to church and asks daily "church tonight?". He is super sweet, always giving hugs and kisses and saying thank you. He is the best child any parent could ask for.
He is quiet when you first meet him but quickly turns to a chatterbox when he warms up, I have no idea where he gets that! Ha!
He is truly just an awesome child!
Cutest Kid EVER right! :) 
So for Colts birthday we just had a small family get together. He invited his Marnee(my mom), Papa, Uncle Garrett, Memaw & Pepaw(but pepaw couldn't make it he had to work). We also invited his Aunt Marisa and her kiddos but they were all sick. We wish they could of made it but we were grateful they didn't share the germs!
Before the party started I had to run to the store to pick up a few last minute items and when I came back home the Birthday Boy was passed out! All of the guests arrived and sat around while he snoozed on the couch. We finally had to wake him up so he was quiet and not fully awake as you can tell in most of these pictures.
Colt and his party guests
Birthday Cake! 

Blowing out his candle! Happy Birthday Baby! 
It was a nice little celebration. We had fun spending time with our families together and then afterwards Daddy went golfing and we headed to meet our friends for church. It was a fantastic day. Since we didn't have his friends to his party I had them over during the week to do a mini celebration.
Colt and his buddies eating cupcakes!

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mZ E said...

Awww! Those are the BEST kinds of Birthdays...the ones with just close family and friends! *smile* Happy 3rd Birthday Colt, may the Good Lord Bless You with many, Many, MANY MORE!
Stay Blessed..

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