Thursday, October 27, 2011

He wants....

Have you ever had one of those moments where your heart melts and your heart breaks in the same instant? Where as soon as you are filled with joy you have a realization and then the sadness hits making all the joy disappear. For the past couple of weeks Colt has been telling me he wants a baby. One day its a brother the next day its a sister. Either way he wants a sibling. He wants what I don't have to give and I'm not even able to promise him that he'll get one soon. It makes my heart sad.

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Anonymous said...

Have u ever thought about telling him if he wants a little brother or sister, he should ask God for one in his night time prayers b4 he goes to bed & if It's God's will, then it will happen. If God has other plans, then u will be happy for those other plans as well. I know he's only 3, but getting him started on prayer is wonderful. He probably understands a lot more than what we may think. Just a thought. Sendg u lots of love frm Texas! Xoxo Coco

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