Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sleepless Thoughts

I went on a girls getaway a few weeks ago. I was looking through my ipod earlier and found something I wrote in the middle of the night. Enjoy. 

It's twenty til five in the morning. I'm sitting on the back patio of dry gulch USA. The fire is crackling, the fountain flowing and the coyotes are howling. Those are the only sounds I hear. I think I'm the only one awake. We went to bed at 330. I laid there for forever but couldn't sleep with the symphony of snores going on. I seriously think there was a conversation going on amongst the snores. So here I am. There was no point in laying there anymore. Even on the off chance that I did fall asleep, I would of only gotten an hour tops. So I'm up in hopes of getting some beautiful shots of the sunrise and if I can some shots of the horses. 
There was a reason I couldn't sleep. God sent a wonderful woman to talk with me. She shared stories of her life and spoke with me about the word. God works in mysterious ways sometimes. What an amazing God we have! 

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