Sunday, July 1, 2012

I heart you

I've been looking around on pinterest tonight and finding some things that I'm just over the top in LOVE with! Just thought I'd share.
How beautiful is this! I would love to have something like this one day. I need to do a mock wedding photo shoot and have more kiddos! This is gorgeous. 

I love old cameras and suitcase typewriters. When I was younger we had a suitcase typewriter that I claimed as my own and used it all the time. I loved that! I need to see if my parents still have it. I inherited some cool vintage cameras from my husbands side of the family but I'm too scared I'll break them that I haven't dug into them yet, I need to get them out and see what all I have. 
 I'm in love with all things old and all things LOVE.
I've always said that I would be happy to have a house full of boys and while I would be just as happy there is a small little part of me that lately has been really hoping I'll get to have some frilly girly time with a little lady of my own. One of these days.......

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