Monday, July 16, 2012

God is with me, I won't be afraid.

Dreaming is one of my worst nightmares. Not just any dream but dreams of you. They are so great when I have them but the second I wake up the tears begin and I can't shake the feelings of pain and sadness. I had the worst of them all the other night. It was a feeling I hope I never have to experience in real life. You were there and then you weren't. In a flash you were gone. It didn't make any sense. How could something so beautiful go so terribly wrong? I tried to get everyone to explain it to me but they wouldn't talk, they just stared, at you and at me. I woke up after that and I've had a feeling of terror ever sense. I've kept it from taking over because Colt keeps saying his memory verse for the week. And now I've begun saying it as well.

God is with me,  I won't be afraid.  Psalm 118:6


Cassie said...

This was such a sad dream but the verse was perfect! Love you

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I just posted God Will Never Leave You or Forsake You last week. First we waited together & now we're claiming the truth that God will NEVER leave us. Here's to dreams of God by our side!

Kristin P said...

It was the worst one yet. Love you.

Kristin P said...

Thank you, God Bless.

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