Thursday, December 2, 2010


A short post, just wanted to put up a picture of Colt and his first cookie from the mall! I remember as a child always getting these cookies that seemed bigger than the world. I always got  the one that had pink icing and sprinkles on top. They are different now. They are smaller and the icing is white and they don't taste as good. Colton enjoyed his though...well the icing at least! He took a few bites of the cookie but for the most part he was all about the icing. He got to pick his cookie out and I really thought he would go for the M&M cookie or the Santa cookie but nope he wanted the rainbow. Probably because that's his new thing, he just recently learned all the marshmallows in the Lucky Charm box. :)  Oh and no I didn't realize his belly was showing until I got home and looked at the pictures. Oops!


Elle said...

Haha! I remember always WANTING those cookies but never getting one. He looks so cute and enthralled by his epic score!

Kristin P said...

Aw well Dani I'll take you and let you get any cookie your little heart desires!!!

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