Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ear Infection

I had to take Colton to the doctor yesterday. He is 36 inches tall and just barely 30 pounds. I know he lost some weight this past week since he has been sick and not eating too much. He has ear infections. Yep both of them. That is no fun. He has been super whiny and clingy. I love the extra cuddle time but just wish my baby boy would feel better already. It absolutely breaks my heart when he wakes up crying and says 'momma my ear hurt' or 'momma my head hurt'. The other night the only way he would go to sleep was if he was laying face to face with me and he held my hand over his ear. It was the most uncomfortable position ever but it's the only thing that helped him to feel better. His bride-to-be has a big birthday party this Saturday so I hope he is well enough that we can go. They are going to have a bouncy house(with slide) and do an egg hunt. It'll be so much fun! Just got to get this little guy better first.

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