Friday, April 1, 2011

My Week In Review

This week was pretty eventful and exhausting. It was a great week until yesterday morning. I got in to a small little tiff with a very close friend. :( It was over something stupid and then just escalated from there. I'm hoping all is resolved now and we can just move on. Love her!  I hate fighting with friends. It makes me sick to my stomach.
Anyways here is some pictures from our week:
We had family day and made a pizza and played Kinect
Ha! Its the only pic I got with his hat on! 
We went to the Children's Museum & had lots of fun
Let me outta here!
After we went to the museum we stopped by the cemetery to see if the bulbs we planted had bloomed. Some did, some were still coming up.

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Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about the tiff. Sending good thoughts that things turn out okay for you!

And such cute pics!

Have a good weekend!

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