Monday, April 11, 2011

April Bunco 2011

Went to bunco Friday night. Had a blast as usual and I won most wins! Yay! Go Me!!! We had some yummy breakfast foods and a lot of great laughs. We were missing four players and we are down one permanent player so we had 2 subs and 3 ghosts. I'm ready for it to be next month so I can go play and see the girls again!
Yesterday we stayed home and did some spring cleaning all day long! I'm still exhausted. I thought Colt was better and he was but yesterday he started saying his ear hurt and then today he woke up with a snotty nose and sounding congested. I'm debating whether I should take him to the doctor or wait a day. The ear thing worries me though because he has never said his ear hurts before. Oh and he woke me up crying the other night saying his head hurt. He is playing around and acting fine, a little more clingy than normal but I just don't want him to have an ear infection and I not take him. Hmmmm....what to do.

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