Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Acts of Kindness

Have you witnessed any acts of kindness lately? Have you yourself been that act of kindness?
Acts of kindness come in all forms. Buying a gift for someone, checking up on loved ones, helping out when needed.
I was at the store the day before Thanksgiving picking up a couple of items and this sweet lady who was in front of me in the checkout line paid for my things. It was so unexpected. It made my day. She said she liked to help out occasionally when she has it to do. It didn't seem like it was just a "tis the season to be giving" thing. It felt like it was just a regular normal thing she does. Its amazing how He shows His love through the touch of a stranger. Beautiful.
A week or so before the above happened I was in line at the pizza shop and there was a little girl with her dad in front of me. The lady in front of them was turning to leave and she stopped in front of them and handed the little girl a pizza. She just simply said, "I bought you a pizza, Merry Christmas." Then she left, just like that. Amazement.
Last year when shopping at the pharmacy my son wanted a puzzle. I told him we didn't have the money for it but that maybe Santa would bring one for him. We went to check out and before we walked out a man handed me a bag and said Santa wanted your little boy to have this. It was the puzzle he had picked out. Marvelous.

I'm in awe of these acts of kindness.

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Pary Moppins said...

That is so true about just the simple act of checking up on someone could be a powerful act of kindness. You seem to have had a wonderful spate of kindnesses all around you. I especially love that your son was privy to those acts; those memories will stay with him. Have a fabulous day!

QueenMomJen said...

Sweet story. I had a little boy just last week stop and open a door for me at a grocery store and as simple as it was it touched my heart that he would think of it.

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