Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Holiday Wish

What is my holiday wish for this year?


True genuine happiness. For everyone.

This year has been an awful one. So my wish for this holiday is that everyone find true happiness and really enjoy this time with family and friends. I want this month to be the start of good things and real smiles and for all of the hurt and pain to be healed so this coming year can be a good one. A lot has happened this year and so many people have been changed because of it, for the worse. So I'm making a decision in my own life to change. I'm changing for me. I want to be a better person, a better mother and wife. I can't be better for someone else until I'm better for me. So this month will be a transition time for me. I'm going to be more about me this coming year. I'm going to be a bit selfish. I'm going to learn to say no when I need to and yes when I want to. I'm going to be happy for who I am and what I have and not focus on things I want. I'm going to be here and in the present and not in the future. I'm going to be happy and wear a smile on my face that doesn't fade when you're not looking. That's my wish for this holiday; Happiness.

What is your wish for this holiday season?

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Angela Solis said...

Oh how I wish everyone around me could just be happy. We have pretty much the same wish. Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

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