Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

What a week! I've been super busy this past week. I've started walking with my bestie Cassie. We go each morning after she drops her kiddos off at school. It's nice to get out of the house and start each day with her smiling face! Walking first thing in the morning has also helped me to make better food choices throughout the day. Monday after I got home from my walk I had to take Colton out to his Aunt Rissa's so she could watch him while I went and helped my mom cleanup my grandparents house. It was an exhausting day! My back is still hurting. Tuesday I hung out with the bestie and her son Gabriel. Colt and Gabe are besties too! We went grocery shopping and made lunch and then afterwards I threw two lasagnas together - one for a friend and one for my family. I don't think I sat down the entire day! As soon as the lasagna was done I grabbed one and headed for my friend Jessies house. She has a 4 year old, a newborn, a husband who works nights, and 3 ruptured disks. Talk about some back pain. I went over and helped with the baby so she could relax and eat dinner. It was one of those bittersweet moments. I enjoy babies so much but I caught myself getting teary eyed a couple of times and had to push those feelings back for another time. I could hold that baby all day every day. I really enjoyed my visit but wish I could of done more for her.

Maia and Jessie

Thursday evening Colt and  I met up with my friends Diana and Jessie and their kiddos (Logan, Maia, & Jayde) at the park. The kids ran off alot of energy and us girls got to talk and enjoy adult time. Friday morning we met back up with Diana and Logan for the free breakfast at Chick-fil-a. The boys were able to play for awhile and then we went and did some grocery shopping.

I wasn't able to do my walk with Cassie so we decided to meet up Friday night around 8pm. We had a great time. We walked main st and talked. I was surprised at how 'alive' it was. It was also nice to get out of the house without a kid in tow. That doesn't happen very often so it was nice. Saturday Jay went and did his normal golfing so Cassie and I got the kids up early and we headed across town to Chandler Park to try out the new play area. The kids had a great time but it was hot. We stayed for alittle over an hour and then headed back to town. I wasn't feeling very well so Colt and I came home and took naps and then we went and played at the park some more.

Today I did something I haven't done in about ten years....I went to church. Cassie really wanted to go but was having car issues so I called her up this morning and surprised her by saying I would go. I was really nervous but it turned out fine. They are doing a special series right now so I told her I would go again next week. I'll keep an open mind and see how it goes. We had a fun but busy week. My mother-in-law just got back from a cruise and wants us to come over so now we are fixing to head to her house. This week I'm going to be a lazy bum and do absolutely nothing....except my morning walks and maybe some housework.
Sorry I jumped from day to day without saying much I'm just sooooo tired. I could sleep for days!

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