Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where'd my memory go?

What a dork! I just saw someones birthday and I thought to myself- oh their birthday is the day before mine.....then i realized my birthday is on the 23rd not the 28th. I haven't been 'all there' for awhile now..I need medication. :) Actually, I'm kindof surprised that I even remembered(eventually) when my birthday is considering that half the time I have to ask people how old I am and even then I usually argue until they prove me wrong. I blame it on the pregnancy...from 2.7 years ago. I skipped past my birthday when I was pregnant so I don't remember it or count it. It works for me until someone asks how old I am.

Logan(3), Colton(2.7), Gabriel(2.2)
Have I ever mentioned how adorable my son is? I still cant get over the fact that he is my son, I look at him daily and think "WOW he is mine"!

We went to the park for an early morning playdate a couple days ago. The above picture is from when we were about to leave, Colton(in the middle) went up and gave his friends a hug good bye. Isnt he just so precious and sweet!? Love him!! BTW: The other boys are sitting on a bench, Colt is standing. He isnt really that short...although he is shorter than both boys. :) Here are some of my other fave pics from our fun day with friends.

The Trio
That's my boy!
Cutest face ever!!
Colt- being awnry of course.
Hangin on the steps sharing a granola bar
Lead by example--Dont be a litterbug!

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