Friday, September 10, 2010

Free Chicken

I feel like I've been running errands all day..oh that's right I have! I'm exhausted. I did sleep in until 730 though, that was nice! I was doing my regular morning routine of checking my email and facebook when I saw that the Money Saving Queen had posted that Chick-fil-a was handing out free chicken biscuits to those who dine-in. So we hurried and got cleaned up and headed to get our chicken. I had the best experience ever. We got two free chicken biscuits and then I ordered Colt a small hash brown and OJ. It cost me $2 and some change.  The lady who took my order was so nice, I wish I would of gotten her name. She asked where I wanted to sit and then carried our tray out for us and to top it off she then went and got us ketchup, napkins and a straw! Who does that these days?! It was awesome. I don't know if they do that for every customer or not but it sure made my morning and made me feel extra special!
After breakfast we headed to do our grocery shopping. We didn't get home until 2:30pm! We went to Food Pyramid and Aldi's and then came by the house and put the cold stuff away. (Shhh...we also stopped by Mcd's and got an iced coffee and apple slices--DO NOT tell my husband). After we refueled we were off to Reasors and Walmart to get the last remaining items needed. Finally we arrived back home with a fully stocked kitchen, a few other household necessities, and my wallet being a hundred dollars lighter. If anyone would like to help replenish my wallet, just shoot me an email- all major credit cards accepted! :)

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