Monday, December 27, 2010

Dinner, Presents and a Wedding

On Christmas day we went over to Jay's moms house. He was still feeling ill and he had called to let her know and he said she sounded very upset until he said that we were still coming. I thought it was alittle strange that she would be upset, I mean sad yes but upset no. So off we went to his moms house to eat Christmas dinner(well was 12:30pm). We get there and everything in the living room is rearranged differently than normal and so we take some pictures in front of the tree and then there is a quiet knock at the door. His mom goes to answer it and its a man. The way the house is set up is so that there are two living areas separated by a doorway and we were in the furthest one from the door but you could hear and barely see what was going on. So he comes in and he introduces his wife to Maggie(my MIL) and I'm standing there thinking who is this person. His mom didn't say anything about anyone other than the grandparents being there so who is he? And if she invited him to dinner why doesn't she already know who his wife is? Why did she just ask if he needed anything? No he doesn't need anything but to change into his coat? What? Shouldn't he need to just take his coat off from coming in from outside? Wait a minute? What? No way? Seriously? O.M.G!!! It all starts to come together in my mind so I run over to Jay and whisper in his ear....I think your mom is fixing to get married!!!! He just looks at me like huh? So then she walks past us and she looks at me and I look at her and we are both giving each other that look like we know whats going on but not saying anything. So then she says 'You'll find out in a minute' and I of course have to open my big mouth with 'I think I already know'. She was like 'Aw man Kristin already figured it out!'. HA HA. Oops. Sorry. So then after the guy comes back into the room with his wife, Maggie gets the bible out and lays it on the table and says we are going to do things a little different this year....We are getting MARRIED!! :) So yeah we had a surprise wedding on Christmas Day. Maggie and David have been together for like 15 years just never tied the knot so it was a great special surprise. We are super happy for them. I was very honored that they chose us to be there for the special moment in their lives.

We enjoyed a wedding, ate dinner, had wedding cake, and opened presents. What better way to spend Christmas Day!


Diana Y. said...

I love what you've done to the place!!! It's fabulous!! And thank for texting me about the made me feel special! ;)

Kristin P said...

Thanks. I was ready for a change. Aww. I'm glad I could make you feel special! As soon as it was over with I ran into the other room and texted you and my mom. I was so surprised and shocked of what just happened. lol.

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