Monday, December 20, 2010


Picture post of some of my favorite ornaments. Enjoy! :)
The 1st ornament I ever got. From my Momma. I love it! 
Our 1st Family ornament 2008
Colton's 1st Xmas 2008 from his (Godmother) Aunt Coco
1st Christmas 2008 from Aunt Cassie
My BFF Coco gave me this one! 2008
And I gave her(coco) this one. I bought one for her, one for me. 2008
2009 Family ornament
Colts 2nd Xmas 2009
Our 2010 Family ornament
Colton has a Toy Story ornament for this years (his 3rd Xmas) but a certain someone thinks its his toy and keeps taking it off the tree. Its in his room somewhere I'm sure. :) You may also be wondering why if Jay and I have been together for so long (8 years in January) then why do we only have ornaments dating from 2008, well we never had a tree before then. We had THREE Jack Russell Terriers that liked to get into and destroy everything so we just figured it was too much of a hassle. I never realized how much I love having a Christmas  tree until we had Colt and I finally broke down and bought one. Now I put it up as early as I can but once Christmas is over, its over, so I take the tree down right away. :)


Diana Y. said...

I love your ornament tradition. I've never done anything like that before. :)

Kristin P said...

You should start, with this xmas too! Most of my ornaments are cheap ole' bulbs so thats the main reason I started buying them as tradition. They can be pricey so if I just buy a couple a year then eventually I'll have a bunch of pretties and they mean something too! I write the year on them if i can like on the bottom or back.

Diana Y. said...

I didn't do it this year...maybe I will start next year when my family is together again! :)

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