Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa, Lights, & Pirates...what?

Last week Jay took us to Rhema to see the Christmas lights. We got out and walked around and froze our toes. They had hot chocolate and Santa but there were so many people there and the lines were long so we skipped all that and just looked at the lights. Colton loved it and wanted to run up and touch the lights so daddy carried him most the time. My favorite part was seeing the horses and the super cute donkey! We will probably go back again closer to Christmas to get more into the spirit of the season.

I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping, I just have one thing left to buy and I know what it is just haven't found the right one yet. I've been shopping pretty much all day every day all week long. I'm exhausted! I've had fun spending time with my Mom though. Here's a few more pictures from the week.
AH HOY MATEY- I see you! 

Merry Christmas from Santa Colton

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