Friday, December 17, 2010


So today was super eventful. Jay ended up coming home around 8am. He got the day off so he was going to take me shoe shopping. I've been needing a new pair of tennis shoes for awhile now so I was very excited. Colt and I got ready to go and after I got Colt out of the bath and wrapped the towel around him BAM he slipped and fell. And of course stupid me, I had wrapped the towel under his arms and he said he was cold so i fixed it and wrapped it over his arms so he didn't have use of them. He couldn't even try to catch himself when he fell so what hit first? His chin. He split the bottom of his chin open. It was the worst feeling ever. It didn't bleed too bad but there was my baby with his chin split open and my heart just stopped and dropped to the pit of my stomach. I didn't know what to do. We finally decided that he needed to go see the doctor to make sure he didn't need stitches. Oh how glad I was that Jay was home from work when this happened, I would of been like a chicken with its head cut off had he not been here to keep me calm. He is the one that is 'in control' when everything is complete chaos. Love him. Anyways so we took Colton to the urgent care and they fixed him up and numbed it and then put on the liquid stitches stuff. He did great and didn't cry. It was pretty exhausting though. I'm glad he is okay. The doctor said he didn't break through all the layers of skin so that's good. I'm so thankful they didn't have to give him the 'real' stitches. I can't even imagine how bad that would of been!

Afterwards we stopped and got him some more breakfast and then came home. I went and did some grocery shopping and got myself some new shoes. Yea. Tomorrow I am going to my church for our special Christmas service. If you haven't already then check out the video a few posts below. The service is going to rock and I hope everyone can make it out. There are 8 showings and it is free and just a great thing to go to and take the family. I'm really stoked because my Momma is going to come with me. I've been asking her to come to church with me since I started going so I'm glad she decided to make this her first service. I hope she continues to come with me. I would really like to share this experience and journey of getting to know God with her. She does her church at home and studies every day but I want her to come to church with me, stand beside me and worship & praise God together!
Also have a couple of friends that I'm really praying for right now. One had to say goodbye to her husband as he set off to deploy for a year. The other is having to say goodbye to her baby. My heart aches for them.


Diana Y. said...

I cannot believe I didn't see any of this on FB until after the fact! But it made sense because it happened the day Mr. Y left, I think! Glad Colt was okay! And I'm happy that your momma went to the service!! And thank you so much for the prayers! I'm doing pretty good but I still need them. :) Love you!

Kristin P said...

Yeah it was when he left, thats why I didn't message you. I knew you were busy saying goodbyes and Jay was home when it happened so I wasn't alone. Thank Goodness!! Still praying!! Love you too friend!

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