Monday, December 13, 2010

Pillow Pets!

Some of you may know that we've been having trouble with Colton sleeping in his own bed.
(Interruption: There is totally an owl hoo hooting outside my window right now!!! Owls + Me = LOVE).
Okay so back to Colton, he doesn't like to sleep alone. He prefers to sleep with Momma. I have been putting off stopping it because well lets face it that's the only 'baby' part I have left of him. He is growing up so fast! He will be turning 3 years old in a matter of days, 26 to be exact. He doesn't need me for anything anymore...except sleepy time, he likes to cuddle with his momma and his momma likes it, most the time. When I wake up with a toe up my nose or an elbow jammed into the small of my not so much. I know it is time though, if we don't get him out of our bed now then we never will. So the other night he fell asleep on the couch and Jay said he is going to stay there and sleep all night. HAhahaha I laughed in his face...literally. Boy was he laughing at me the next morning when Colt was still asleep where we left him. :)  So it begins!
Have you seen the commercials for pillow pets? Colton freaks out and runs around screaming 'pillow pet' when it comes on. I've showed the Pillow Pet website to him before and so now when the commercial comes on he runs over to my computer and wants me to pull up the website too. Its hilarious. Yesterday he watched pillow pet videos on YouTube and I couldn't tell who was more excited, the kids getting the pillow pets or Colt watching. So we decided Santa was going to get him one for Christmas. I ended up seeing one when I went to Walgreen's yesterday afternoon so I brought it home and resisted the urge to give it to him right away! Well if you know anything about our family you know that we have a hard time keeping secrets and keeping gifts from each other. We hardly ever make it to someones actual birthday or Christmas. It just doesn't happen. Yep you guessed it, I caved! As soon as that darn commercial came on I was running to the car to get it! Ha. Ignore my sad pathetic tree and all the ornaments that Colt has rearranged. :)

He was so shocked, it was awesome! He ended up just laying down and taking a really long nap which he rarely does, and of course he used his bumble bee pillow pet. Then last night when it was bedtime he kept going into his room and getting in bed so I turned on his movie and I went to my bedroom. Well he ran back and forth for about an hour and finally I told him it was time for bed, either get in mommy and daddys bed or go lay down with your pillow pet in your room. He didn't even have to think about it he just took off and jumped in his bed. I laid down and Jay and I decided he would be in our room in a matter of minutes well then I fell asleep. I woke up to Jays alarm and no feet kicking me or knocking me off the bed. Colton put himself to bed last night and slept all night long!!!! I give all credit to our new best friend Bumble Bee the pillow pet!


Diana Y. said...

I literally LOL'd! That is so cute and I could tell how excited he was!! And Gooo Colt!! Good job with sleeping in your bed. Logan has been doing pretty well with it too! Uncle Sean got him a Penguin Animallow ... it's like a pillowpet but not, hehe. Anyway, I love the video and the picture of Colton sleeping with it. Too cute!!!

Kristin P said...

Thanks! He is absolutely in love with pillow pets right now. He got mad when we were at walmart today and they had some right when you walk in and i wouldn't let him have one.
Way to go Logan! Glad you have seperate rooms now, its better for momma to have some privacy and alone time!

Diana Y. said...

Yeah, but the kid still likes to sleep with me whenever I let him! I put my foot down tonight. Back to your room. We need to get you back on schedule kid! He got a new Toy Story comforter that lights up from his Lola and Lolo for Christmas...but he still wants to sleep in my room. I let him come in sometimes when he wakes up in the middle of the night but I have also let him sleep with me out of convenience and to snuggle... :)

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