Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Health Commitment

I am not going to go on a diet.
I am not going to exercise until I can't move.
I am not going to kill myself trying to lose weight.

I am going to eat healthier.
I am going to be more active.
I am going to be happy with me.

That is my health commitment for 2013. To be a healthier happier ME. If with that comes a smaller number on the scale then that's great but my main goal is to just be healthy and to be me.
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Kim said...

These are great commitments. I was always one to push myself until I just couldn't go any further. Which for some is ok, but for me it just made me sicker. Trying to find the perfect balance is hard. Thanks for stopping by Hope Whispers, hope you visit again soon! Followed :)

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