Monday, January 14, 2013


A hot cup of coffee with a friend. Cuddled up in a warm blanket with a book. A rainy day with the blinds open. Family and friends. I find comfort in all of these things. Sometimes life just gets you down. Sometimes we just don't feel like ourselves. We have to remember to take care and time for ourselves.

What things do you do for you?
Do you remember to take a timeout for yourself?

One thing I have been doing lately that I find comfort in is genealogy research. My husband thinks its the most boring thing ever but I find it relaxing and exciting. I'm finding things out about my family that I had no idea about. Its so interesting .I've found old family pictures of my grandfather, Census reports, marriage licenses and death certificates. There is no telling what else is out there to be discovered.

I challenge you this week to take an hour or two and use that time just for you. Do something you enjoy.  Do something that will help recharge you so you can continue to give your all to your family and friends. So what will you decide to do?

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