Monday, January 7, 2013

Busy Bee

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with things to do that even though you are getting things done it feels like you haven't done anything at all? Sometimes it doesn't matter how much we get done there are still a million other things in the waiting line. I feel like I have been going from one thing to the next since November. I have a break period for awhile so I am trying to focus on getting things done around the house. I have a guest bedroom that has recently became the storage room. I started working on it yesterday and it won't take me long to clean up but we have little storage place so now I have to find new places to put things without just making more clutter. I also have some craft projects that I've bought all the stuff for and I just need to sit down and make them.

Things I have that I need to start/finish:
Buzz pillows for my kiddo and his best friend.
Scripture wall art
Picture flower pots
Organize my art stuff and find a place for it

Things I would like to do around the house:
Put in shelves in my hall coat closet and in my sons closet.
Organize my spare room closet and add in shelves
Make some curtains for the living room and bedroom.
Find more kitchen space....add-on? New house? :)

What projects are you working on?
*This post was written as part of Bloggy Moms: The Blog Dare. Todays writing prompt was - Other projects I'm working on.  If you'd like to participate feel free to link up with your own post at the link posted above.*

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