Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Class Bully

There was a discussion that took place in my sons class a while back in regards to one of his classmates. The student was labeled a bully. The child was not at school that day and so he is unaware of the conversation the entire class had about him. I nor any of the other moms I spoke with were happy about this situation. I did not feel like it was right. I was not happy that my son was told information that I did not think he needed to know. He was also told to do things that I as a parent do not agree with. Luckily my child has not had any problems with this other student and I hope it continues that way. However, labeling this child as a bully has a majorly negative impact on my child. I do not feel like the child is a bully. Is he too rough with the other kids? Yes. Do the kids sometimes get hurt by him? Yes. Is he doing it on purpose? I'm not sure. Some may say he is being a bully in fact I know some say he is, I just don't feel that way. I've heard that his family is going through hard times(sibling illness) and I really feel that this other child just needs more compassion and love, maybe even some counseling.  I do not think what he does is right by any means and if my child gets hurt of course I will want to hunt his mother down BUT I do not agree with bullying the bully at age four to five. My son refers to this kid as a bully now. He talks about this kid often in reference to what he was told during the class discussion that was had. Several other students that I've been around have also repeated the same things about this child. I don't feel that it is right. I try to teach my son how I want him to behave and how I would hope that he would handle certain situations and types of people. Its hard to reteach when the ones we are suppose to trust with our children are teaching them something completely opposite.
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